CM-7000 多功能讨论会议系统

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产品描述: 是一套多功能讨论型会议系统,通过八芯专用电缆组成手拉手连接,外观设计美观大方,使用简易方便,高保真音质。中央处理器1 内置电源供应器
上一个:CM-9000数字会议系统 下一个:CM-7000C
1. 内置电源供应器,标准19寸机箱。
2. 分三路单元连接端子,共可连接50个会议单元,经过扩容,可扩容到150个会议单元。
3. 可设置两种工作模式:
A. 全开放讨论型模式:代表同时发言人数不受限制;
B. 限制讨论模式:代表同时发言上限1,2,3,5个单元。
4. 设有系统音量增益控制,采用了三段频率均衡高,中低输出。
5. 具备多种音频输出口,以适应各种场合需要。
6. 频率响应: 50Hz-18KHz
7. 信噪比 S/N:>70dB
1. 鹅颈型带红色光环指示的桌面话筒,可显示麦克风发言状态。
2. 选用进口优质超心型电容式极头.
3. 设有话筒开启按键及主席优先权按键。主席单元不受限制发言模式控制。
4. 代表单元设有话筒开启按键。
5. 频率响应:100Hz-16KHz
6. 灵敏度:-30dB
SM-7000 is a multi-functional discussion conference system, composed by eight-core dedicated cable connected hand in hand, elegant design, simple and easy to use, high-fidelity sound quality.
Main Controller
1. Main controller with power consumption: 100W, Installed in 19-inch frame 2U chassis.
2. Three routes are divided to connect with terminals, can connect 50 conference units. Through expanding devices, our products are capable of connecting with 150 conference units.
3. Two modes can be set:
A. Open discussion mode: all the delegates can give a speech freely.
B. Limit mode: limit microphone can be set between 1-19 units.
4. Equipped with system master volume gain control, it uses three-section frequency to balance the output of high-pitched, middle-pitched and low-pitched sound.
5. Has a variety of audio output.
6. Frequency response: 50Hz-18KHz
7. S/N:>70dB
Microphone Unit
1. The annular red indicator lamp in the could show the state of the microphone.
2. It uses import high quality super cardioid capacitance.
3. The chairman unit number in the system is unrestricted, can join in any position.
4. The Delegate Unit has a speaking button and indicator lamp; it can control the state of speech.
5. Frequency response: 100Hz-16 KHz
6. Sensitivity:-30dB
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